Lookout Mountain School Of Crafts


Beautiful Napkin Basket

Class Date : Contact us for more information

Basket Making classes are always one full day of class

We only take up to 8 students per class
Cost of class which will include kit and teaching time: Will vary depending on type of basket is chosen to complete.
All fees must be paid in full two weeks before class in order to reserve your space in class.

You will learn basic basket weaving skills that can be used in future classes/projects that will be offered.
You will take home a finished basket when you leave class that day.

You will be offered 3 color choices of burgundy, green or blue.
In order to have this choice you will need to register before March 20, 2013 so the instructor can make up your kit.
If you do not register before August 15, 2013 the default color will be Green.

So please register soon by calling 256-418-5704 or by email at craftyjmw@gmail.com.
You will need to bring you a snack or sandwich for lunch.
The School will provide a microwave for you to warm your food.