Lookout Mountain School Of Crafts

Located on Beautiful Lookout Mountain in Northern Alabama, Lookout Mountain School of Crafts views its mission as encouraging the artistic spirit that is present in all of us to present itself through a craft that is meaningful to the world. We see a vision of our students reaching out into their local communities and sharing their experiences with others. We offer many different types of classes including:

Sewing without a machine
How to make gift items from recycled materials Geneaolgy
Scrapbooking your Family History

Many of the crafts of bygone days are,
like those days themselves, slowly passing away.

Our goal at Lookout Mountain School of Crafts is to breathe new life into these dying art forms by sharing them with younger generations. We attempt to adapt these styles to the interests of people in our modern times.

One of the biggest issues we face in our growing world is the need to recycle. As a part of our curriculum, RECYCLE classes are teaching people how to reuse items by converting them into something useful. In the old days many items were recycled because of the scarcity of the items. The world changed and recycling things became the sign of poverty rather then ingenuity and frugality. Now, however, with landfills overflowing, waste items littering our waterways and harming wildlife, and chemicals contaminating our water sources, we are returning to the idea that recycling is not only acceptable but necessary to preserve the beauty of our world for future generations. However, recycling does not mean we have to turn over everything to big companies to do for us. It is more then seperating metal, paper, and plastic. It is learning how to reuse the things you normall would put in a recycling bin right in your own home.

We also desire to promote families spending time together. We offer both Mommy and Me as well as Daddy and Me classes for parents to have a one on one experience with a specific child. Another style of classes that we offer is family craft classes. In these classes we work with families to learn to do a craft project together as a family. We also provide classes for children with special needs. Our speciality is working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Please contact us for more information